The South African Congress for Early Childhood Development is the representative national mass-based, non-governmental early childhood development (ECD) organisation in South Africa.  The organisation represents the interest of over 6 million young children (birth to six years old), ECD workers and the ECD sector in general.  The organisation operates from a national office based in Pretoria and is represented by 9 Provincial Executive Committees (PECs) in the province.  The organisation was launched at a national conference during 23-25 March 1994 in Port Elizabeth.

This historic launch was a result of a four-year long process of intensive organising, mobilising and unifying of the ECD sector.  As a result, the two national organisations previously representing the ECD sector (viz. The National Interim Working Committee (NIWC) on ECD and the South African Association for Early Childhood Educare (SAAECE)) dissolved in favour of the united SA Congress for ECD.  The launching conference was well represented with participation of over 350 delegates from all over South Africa.   


Our vision is access to a high  quality, intersectoral, holistic  and integrated ECD system for all children from birth to six.


The promotion of a conducive ECD environment through:  Participating in policy development, Monitoring implementation, Ensuring quality ECD practices, Mobilizing resources, Disseminating information and Lobbying and Advocacy


Values:  non-racialism, non-sexism, empowerment, non-partisan 
People:  honesty, dedicated, respect, acceptance
Relationship: transparency, fairness, non-intimidating, co-operation and participation
Business: professionalism, quality products and services, accountability, ethical, confidentiality, credibility


Resource Mobilisation
To mobilize sufficient resources for programme implementation from government agencies, corporate and individual donors, income generation, legacies, national and international foundation, donors and embassies.

Advocacy and Lobbying
To influence government, private sector and donors on service delivery by:
Organising and or participating in structured campaigns and meetings.
Identifying and lobbying influential decision-makers.
To co-ordinate the ECD sector and ensure greater representation in order to strengthen our lobbying power (influence).

Training and Skills Development
Capacity Building through Training and Skills Development to build capacity of both ECD workers and ECD organisations through relevant education and training programmes as well as appropriate Organisa-  tional Development interventions.

Resource and Information Management
To build knowledge base for the sector through sourcing, disseminating and sorting relevant information.

To build public relations through our support base by developing promotional material, hosting training forums and ECD Practitioner workshops.

Mobilise support for the sector through forming strategic alliances and partnerships.

Research and Policy Development
To influence policies that impact on ECD in order to create awareness and an enabling environment for ECD.
To ensure compliance with policies and that ECD programmes meet predetermined standards.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Support
To access effectiveness and efficiency and impact of programmes to inform future practice.



Registered as a Not for Profit Organisation NPO Number 001-435

Accredited with the ETDP SETA Registration: 7878

Registered with City of Tshwane as an approved service provider: 211856

Registered with the Department of Labour as a Service Provider No: 3330


National and International Relations

South African ECD representative body in OMEP

Member of the ABET/ECD Chamber

Member of the Advisory Council for Children within the Presidency

Founding member of the South African ECD Awards